About Ryukyu Kempo

Ryukyu Kempo: A Classic Okinawan Karate
What is Ryukyu Kempo?

The RyuKyu's are a small chain of islands located between Japan and China. The largest and most famous of these islands is Okinawa. Because of their strategic location as trading center for both China and Japan, the Ryukyus were greatly influenced by both the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

RyuKyu Kempo is a system of martial arts that has roots in both; the Okinawan "TE" (HAND) system and the Chinese Kempo (FIST WAY). Thus RyuKyu Kempo is a blend of the old Okinawan and Chinese martial arts. The uniqueness of RyuKyu Kempo can be seen in the "hard style" training with power and emphasis on makiwara training.

What makes RyuKyu Kempo Different?
Tuite Jitsu (grab hand)

Everyone is weak in the same way, all of us have nerves, tendons, joints and muscles that will respond in a predetermined manner when specific pressure is applied to them.

Kyusho Jitsu (nerve point manipulation)

This is the most advanced form of strikes in the martial arts. When properly used against selected anatomimacal points of the nervous or circulatory systems it will temporarily disable the attacker beyond the ability to renew his attack. Here precision not strength is the key to the resolution of a threatening situation.

Ryukyu Kempo versus today's sport Karate:

RyuKyu Kempo is the study of a real Martial Art. This simply means that a person can study RyuKyu Kempo from the time you are a small child until you have grown old with age. It is a life long study of Kata and Self Defense that will not change with a persons age.

Sport Karate usually teaches specific techniques that will win in most non contact style tournaments. This includes many spinning and flying kicks that will not work against a street wise fighter. These techniques can be useful, but, it should be emphasized that they are not real self defense techniques. Sport Karate also teaches a student to be aggressive in his manner similar to a boxer, because it is needed to win tournaments.Type your paragraph here.